Trail Member Board Meetings

Monthly Meetings 
Woodland Hills Trail Association meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the South Woodland Hills Community Room.  
Meeting Dates for 2024
January 9 Agenda Minutes
February 13 Agenda Minutes
March 12  Agenda Minutes
April 9  Agenda  Minutes
May 14  Agenda  Minutes
June   Agenda Minutes
July  Agenda Minutes
August  Agenda Minutes
September  Agenda Minutes
October  Agenda Minutes
November  Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 2024 7pm Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2023
January 10 Agenda Minutes
February 14 Agenda Minutes
March 14 Agenda Minutes
April 11 Agenda  Minutes
May 9 Agenda  Minutes
June 13  Agenda Minutes
July 11 Agenda Minutes
August 8 Agenda Minutes
September 12 Agenda Minutes
October 10 Agenda Minutes
November 14 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 10, 2023 7pm Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2022: 
January 11 Agenda Minutes
February 8 Agenda Minutes
March 8 Agenda Canceled due to lack of quorum
April 12 Agenda  Minutes
May 10 Agenda  Minutes
June 14 Agenda Minutes
July 12 Agenda Minutes
August 9 Agenda Minutes
September 13 Agenda
October 11 Agenda Minutes
November 8 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 11, 2022 7 p.m. Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2021: 
January 12
February 9 Agenda Minutes
March 9 
May 11 Agenda
June 8 Agenda
July 13 Agenda Minutes
August 10 Agenda
September 14 Agenda Minutes
October 12 Agenda
November 9 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
2021 October 12 Agenda 
Annual Meeting 2020 Minutes

Board Members

Woodland Hills Trail Association is managed by a board of 11 directors.
President: Bob Robertson
Vice President: David Harris
Treasurer: Bill Springfield
Secretary: Toni Dupuis
Sergiu Burca
Phillip Day
Carl Kluge
Dan Monks
Jerry Forey
Gary Hierstein