Trail Member Board Meetings

Monthly Meetings 
Woodland Hills Trail Association meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the South Woodland Hills Community Room.  
Meeting Dates for 2024
January 9 Agenda Minutes
February 13 Agenda Minutes
March  Agenda Minutes
April  Agenda  Minutes
May  Agenda  Minutes
June   Agenda Minutes
July  Agenda Minutes
August  Agenda Minutes
September  Agenda Minutes
October  Agenda Minutes
November  Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 2024 7pm Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2023
January 10 Agenda Minutes
February 14 Agenda Minutes
March 14 Agenda Minutes
April 11 Agenda  Minutes
May 9 Agenda  Minutes
June 13  Agenda Minutes
July 11 Agenda Minutes
August 8 Agenda Minutes
September 12 Agenda Minutes
October 10 Agenda Minutes
November 14 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 10, 2023 7pm Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2022: 
January 11 Agenda Minutes
February 8 Agenda Minutes
March 8 Agenda Canceled due to lack of quorum
April 12 Agenda  Minutes
May 10 Agenda  Minutes
June 14 Agenda Minutes
July 12 Agenda Minutes
August 9 Agenda Minutes
September 13 Agenda
October 11 Agenda Minutes
November 8 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
October 11, 2022 7 p.m. Agenda
Meeting Dates for 2021: 
January 12
February 9 Agenda Minutes
March 9 
May 11 Agenda
June 8 Agenda
July 13 Agenda Minutes
August 10 Agenda
September 14 Agenda Minutes
October 12 Agenda
November 9 Agenda Minutes
December - No meeting
Annual Meeting
2021 October 12 Agenda 
Annual Meeting 2020 Minutes

Board Members

Woodland Hills Trail Association is managed by a board of 11 directors.
President: Bob Robertson
Vice President: David Harris
Treasurer: Bill Springfield
Secretary: Toni Dupuis
Steven Hawkins
Sergiu Burca
Phillip Day
Carl Kluge
Dan Monks
Jerry Forey