Formed in 1972, the Woodland Hills Trail Association oversees approximately 6 miles of trails on an estimated 65
acres of Greenbelt area through the Villages of North and South Woodland Hills in Kingwood, Texas.  It manages the parks and playgrounds in North Woodland Hills, South Woodland Hills, and the park on Lake Hills Drive.
  South Woodland Hills and North Woodland Hills are neighborhoods located in Kingwood, Texas.  They are within the City of Houston and Harris County with the exception of a few homes in North Woodland Hills located in Montgomery County.  Several homes located within the visible boundaries of South Woodland Hills are part of Kingwood Place Village as a result of post-annexation development.  The 592 acres were developed by Friendswood Development Company (then a part of Exxon) and King Ranch starting in the early 1970's.  The two community associations and the Trail association are nonprofits responsible for providing certain services to the neighborhoods.  The respective boards are responsible for all community association matters and contract with vendors for services.  Sterling Association Management is the current service provider to separately manage day-to-day operations for all three organizations.  
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